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Diamond tools refer to the tools used to solidify the diamond (generally artificial diamond) into a certain shape, structure and size with a binder and are used for processing.In a broad sense, diamond grinding paste, rolling saw blade, cold-inserted diamond drawing die, cold-inserted diamond tool, brazing diamond composite tool, etc., also belong to diamond tools.

Diamond tools, with their unparalleled performance advantages, have become the only recognized and effective tools for processing hard and brittle nonmetallic materials. For example, only diamond tools can be used to process super hard ceramics, and there are no other substitutes.Diamond wheels are used to grind hard alloys and are ten thousand times more durable than silicon carbide.Using diamond abrasive instead of silicon carbide abrasive to process optical glass, the production efficiency can be increased several times to ten times.The service life of diamond polycrystalline drawing die is 250 times longer than that of cemented carbide drawing die.

Diamond tools are widely used in civil building and civil engineering not only, stone processing industry, automobile industry, transportation industry, geological exploration and defense industry and other modern high-tech fields, and precious stones, medical equipment, wood, glass, stone crafts, ceramic and composite non-metallic hard brittle materials, and many other new fields appear constantly, social demand for diamond tools is sharply increased year by year.

Diamond has hardness, so the tools made are especially suitable for processing hard and brittle materials, especially non-metallic materials, such as stone, wall and floor tiles, glass, ceramics, concrete, refractory, magnetic materials, semiconductors, gemstones, etc.Also can be used for processing non-ferrous metals, alloys, wood, such as copper, aluminum, cemented carbide, quenched steel, cast iron, composite wear – resistant wood.At present, diamond tools have been widely used in construction, building materials, petroleum, geology, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, ceramics, wood, automobile and other industries.

According to their different USES, diamond tools can be divided into several categories: diamond grinding tools, diamond sawing tools, diamond cutting tools, and diamond drilling tools.



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